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Snackzels Pretzels

Snackzels Pretzels


Spicy Original
This is the flavor that started it all. Snackzels' flagship flavor, Spicy Original, has been bringing major snack satisfaction for more months than we have toes. Packed with garlicky zingyness and medium heat, Spicy Original Snackzels will keep accompanying you to the checkout line time and time again.

Ranch lovers know there is almost nothing more awesome than a river of cool, creamy, flowing ranch. Though we can not re-landscape your backyard to include that wonder of the world, we can offer something as dear to our hearts. Ranch Snackzels.

Dill Pickle
Is it true that Dill Pickle Snackzels were created as a dare? We can not confirm nor deny that information. We will however warn you that once you try Dill Pickle Snackzels, your tongue may wake you up in the middle of the night, yearning for more dilly awesomeness. Calm that tongue, grab some Dill Pickle Snackzels now.

Everyone knows that the pinnacle of football concession greatness is the humble taco. Oh tacos, how you have warmed us as we chanted on our favorite team to victory, vanquishing our conference and non-conference foes. Re-live your team's epic battles, grab some Taco Snackzels today.

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