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Flatlander Coffees - Whole Bean Only

Flatlander Coffees - Whole Bean Only


Emily and Levi Wilkins began roasting coffee on Levi's days off as a firefighter. Now that their two kids keep them busy, Sharie Wilkins has taken over and continues their tradition of excellence!

We especially love roasting coffee from the origins where we give most. For us, that means visiting the farms in El Salvador and Guatemala that supply our coffee to deliver basic supplies to the schools on those farms. Lately, we've also begun roasting Ugandan coffee, where we work with vulnerable women through Hope 4 Women International, and Colombian coffee, where we bring clothes to children in temporary living conditions in Medellin. Of course, to round out our offerings we also offer a curated collection of specialty coffees from around the globe roasted to all levels- truly something for everyone. 


Origin: Huehuetenango (way-way-ten-ongo) region, Guatemala
Tasting Notes: bright, caramel, medium/full body
Roast: Light
Notes: Comes from the nursery of the Finca Arbelia, where we source our coffee. Here, 80,000 baby coffee trees are carefully tended to every day by a family whose journey traces back to a grandfather who fled political turmoil in Germany in WWI. Today, that man's descendants, Manfredo and his daughter Camilla, take just as much pride in their craft as their great-grandfather did all those years ago!

Their coffee is as bold as the family that produces it. It starts out strong to wake you up, but as it cools the acidity picks up and brings out its brighter, fruity characteristics to add a nice complexity to the mix. The contrast is striking and bound to please!

Origin: Finca Nombre de Dios, Metapan region, El Salvador
Tasting Notes: chocolatey and floral
Roast: Medium
Notes: The Finca (farm) workers from Nombre de Dios Finca ("Name of God Farm"), from which our coffee is sourced. They still proudly tell the story of how their grandfather declared, "in the name of God" as he planted their very first coffee tree. 

On the farm, shade provided by indigenous species of trees that have been left standing over the coffee trees helps produce a distinctive coffee with a balanced sweetness, smooth body, and mildly sweet acidity that complement the citrus and fruit flavor notes and reflect the hard work of the farmers who produced it.


Origin: Finca Las Camelias, Nicaragua
Tasting Notes: dried fruit, cocoa
Roast: medium
Notes: One of our best sellers, this exquisite coffee hails from one of the highest areas of Nicaragua. Its rich aromas of sweet chocolate and brown sugar give way to big flavors of dried fruit and cocoa supported by a creamy, rich, and smooth full body with a mild acidity. This hearty character is just the ticket to warm you up after coming in from the cold or get you going first thing in the morning.

Origin: Blend of beans from around the world
Tasting Notes: Lemon, berries, caramel, chocolate
Roast: Dark
Notes: This is it! Our signature espresso blend has it all- a smooth body and mild acidity complement a balanced sweetness imparted by layers of lemon, berries, caramel, and chocolate notes. Whether you're looking for a delicious base for your lattes or simply a delicious morning brew, this is your coffee.

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