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Gypsy Wicks Candles

Gypsy Wicks Candles


Free spirited thoughts will fill your mind as you enjoy the delightful and aromatic fragrances of Gypsy Wicks candles.  Designed with you in mind, these wonderful candles will bring a sense of relaxation and magic into your home.  Sit back and allow your sense of smell to unlock memories connected to fragrances in your life.

The underlying scents of fresh citrus, creamy vanilla and exotic musk aromas, will create a suggestive feeling of wanderlust.  Packaged with a bohemian flair, Gypsy Wicks Candles are a wonderful way to bring intrigue and warmth into your very Gypsy being.

1. Nikel

A compound of aromatic spices, cedar and vanilla.

2. Rhodium

A compound of cedarwood, musk and fresh citrus.

3. Zinc

A compound of tobacco, leather and apple.

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