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Leap Coffees - Whole Bean Only

Leap Coffees - Whole Bean Only


Our Artist Series Coffee Blend program is a collaboration with local individual artists to create a unique coffee blend. A portion of the sale of every bag of their individual blend goes directly to the artist to help them continue to create. Our intention is to encourage a culture of support for local artists within the business community.

Eyakem’s “BORDER BLEND” coffee is a certified organic blend of African beans, chosen for their complementary notes and roasted to a light- medium profile that tastes great with any brewing method.

“Nightingale” Artist Series Coffee is a complex medium/dark roasted blend, intended to be as beautiful, smooth and rich as the music of “MissBrown to You”

militant optimist is romy owens, our first Artist Series Blend artist. militant optimist blend coffee is a light/medium roasted coffee with a medium body, mild acidity, rich nutty caramel flavor, chocolate notes, and a sweet finish.

This is our nod to the past that brought us together. This blend is as close as we can get to the old Yippee Yi Yo Cafe's Western Blend which was brewed as coffee, pulled as espresso, and even cold brewed in a Toddy. Our darkest roast. 
Tasting notes: Earthy, herbal, smoky and smooth.

A shade darker than our Breakfast Blend, we have roasted to a Medium Full City level. This blend is complex, intense, and rich in both flavor and aroma. This coffee you can brew at home or have expertly crafted at your favorite coffee shop.
Tasting notes: Rich chocolate, Praline, Toffee. 


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