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BOMBSHELL defined: A very attractive woman.   Hubba Hubba! This is one sexy bar of soap! It's a floral explosion with deep woodsy base notes of sandalwood & cedar.   "All the girls stamp your feet like this." - Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani  ALBUM/ARTIST & COLOR MAY VARY

Local Lather Bar Soaps


Sustainability has always been important to Local Lather. They not only source the best ingredients available, but make sure they are also responsibly harvested, made ethically, and don’t harm the planet.

Their bar soap is made of: distilled water, olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable harvested palm oil, shea butter, Sodium hydroxide, castor oil, and fragrance oil.

They are Phthalate-free; paraben-free; sulfate-free; artificial ingredient-free; filler-free; alcohol-free, cruelty-free and vegan. 5 oz. bars.

1. Blood Orange

Blood orange essential oil has a wonderful uplifting aroma and its mere scent can elevate the mood for many people. It has a unique ability to reduce anxiety and relax the mind providing an instant pick-me-up.

“Well I had a dream I stood beneath an orange sky.” - Alexi Murdoch

2. Bombshell

BOMBSHELL defined: A very attractive woman. 

Hubba Hubba! This is one sexy bar of soap! It's a floral explosion with deep woodsy base notes of sandalwood & cedar. 

"All the girls stamp your feet like this." - Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani

3. Cashmere

This bar smells like a warm hug on a cold day. It’s intoxicating sheer floral fragrance inspired by the feel of cashmere on your skin. Combining the essences of Moroccan jasmine, lily of the valley and the freshness of bergamot, against a warm background of sandalwood, amber and musk, it’s a sensually soft scent that seduces the senses. You will want to wrap yourself up in this fragrance again and again!

“I'm making you a coat of pink cashmere
You got to know how I feel about you.” - Prince

4. Coconut Milk

You will love this warm, sensual blend of raw coconut, sea salt, amber, and a hint of lavender. Don’t underestimate this blend. It’s beachy yet sophisticated.. This is not just a summer scent. It’s a rich, silky, delicious scent that will be loved all year long.

 “Ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts..” -Merv Griffen

5. Dark & Stormy

You will totally fall in love with this one if you haven't tried it already!  Dark & Stormy is just as it sounds - sophisticated & complex.  Notes include all of the usual suspects in one amazing scent (a little citrus, berry, floral, woodsy, all of the above). Do yourself a favor & put this in your cart immediately!

"Don't know why, there's no sun up in the sky." - Stormy Weather, Etta James

6. Date Night

WOWZERS! This is one of our top sellers for a reason!  It smells like the sexiest man you know.  Don't be fooled though, even though this one is a manly scent, it's just as popular with the ladies!  We love the smell of a handsome man all the time anytime too.

"No way I'm disco dancing." - I'm Too Sexy, Right Said Fred

It's fresh, citrus, warm, and just straight up sexy!

7. Eucalyptus + Spearmint

Yum!  Everyone says this one smells like gum - spearmint fresh mint gum.

The spearmint essential oil is so fresh & invigorating layered with the camphorous nature of eucalyptus essential oil. It’s the perfect bar for your gym bag, after working in the yard, or playing sports.

"Double fresh, double smooth, double delicious to chew." - Wrigley's Double Mint Gum Commercial (1987)

8. Hippie Lover

Where are my patchouli lovers?  If you are one, you're likely a die hard fan.  This bar will be one of your favorites for sure!  Inspired by some of the coolest hippie musicians we know (Joni, Joan, Janis, etc)  Even if you don't typically like patchouli scents, we dare you to try this! This scent blend will make a convert out of you yet!

"Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?" -Janis Joplin

9. Lavender Mint

Our Signature Scent - A love for peppermint + lavender is pretty much why it all started.  It's like a spa in a bar.  When there is a question, this is the answer.

"Frankie Say Relax." - Frankie Goes To Hollywood

10. Lemongrass

Take a dip with this- feel instantly energized.

Lemongrass has a bright, fresh, herbaceous aroma that can heighten awareness and promote a positive outlook. It’s energizing scent with lemongrass, lemon verbena, bergamot and rosewood is lively and uplifting and a great soap to start your day with in the shower.  This incredible essential oil even offers purifying and toning benefits for the skin. Put some pep in your step TODAY!

“And I'm feelin' good” - Nina Simone

11. London Fog

What can we say about this gentle beauty also known as Lady Grey? She evokes the most intense relaxation possible!

Bergamot is that wonderful earthy citrus scent in your favorite Earl Grey Tea Bag.  Both floral & citrus in nature, it pairs wonderfully with the sweet & soothing scent of Spanish Lavender.

"All I need is a sweet dream, and true love, just like honey in my tea." -Moon Glow, Lamp Low, Eleni Mandell

12. Me Thyme


Noun: time spent relaxing on one's own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

Who doesn’t need more of that?! This scent is comprised of rosemary, neroli, sandalwood, sage, tarragon, thyme and mint. The gorgeous dark smoky amethyst purple is the natural color the soap turns when we make it. Isn’t it stunning?

"I need some me time, Not some you and some I, Just some me time." - ME TIME, Heather Headley

13. Naked


Allergies got you down? Sensitive to EVERYTHING out there? Worry not… our NAKED unscented bar is just for you! It’s full of all the goo things without having to worry about a pesky scent making you sneeze or itch.

“Still these allergies remain.” -Allergies, Paul Simon

14. Red Currant 

Smells as sweet as it sounds with notes of red currants, raspberries, and a touch of vanilla.

"A moment of love, a dream, a laugh." - Sweet Disposition, Temper Trap

15. Rose'

Crush on blush! Rosé is all about elegance & flair. This pale pink favorite smells first of raspberry, wild strawberry, cherry, blackberry - with a soft almond finish. Almost as good as something you can sip on a patio with your friends.

Refreshing, bright, crisp, & sweet... don't hesitate, just order one already, maybe even two!

We added a bit of sparkle to the top just for you.

 “Rose´all day!” - Says Everyone

16. Sweet Tart

A little sweet, a little tart - this is our biggest top seller of all time for a reason. Mega citrus bar- meyer lemon, lime, blood orange, grapefruit, and the list goes on!

"I'm America's sweetheart, cute, delicious, sweet tart." - Dangerous Girl, Lana Del Rey

17. Vanilla Chai

18. McDreamy

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to love this one! Just as sexy as it's TV drama namesake. It smells like success, masculiity, with a side of confidence. Don't be fooled though, even though this one is a manly scent, it's just as popular with the ladies! We want our whole lives to smell like the hottest guy we know!

"I'm Dr. McDreamy. I'm tall, and handsome, and I like to lean against things, and ponder the difficulties of dating beautiful women." - Grey’s Anatomy

19. Patchouli Pumice

20. Lumberjack

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