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Prairie Gypsies Jams, Jellies, Mustards & Dressings

Prairie Gypsies Jams, Jellies, Mustards & Dressings


We call ourselves The Prairie Gypsies; a name we believe portrays the essence of where we live and who we are.

One day in between garden parties and corporate lunches, with armloads of fresh basil from our gardens, our food line was born. After weeks of making load after load of fresh basil pesto, which we use daily in our signature appetizers and pizzas, the idea dawned that maybe this herb could take us on a different path...jelly! We were curious, not afraid to try anything and our trial and error yielded Apple Basil Jelly.

This jelly set the precedent for what was to come...sweet, garden fresh and very versatile as an ingredient in some of our favorite recipes.


Prairie Fire
Prairie Fire, the newest member to our jam/jelly family, made to salute the state of Oklahoma Centennial. A delightful blend of five berries and jalapeno peppers. Use it to make sauces, glaze meats or bake in a dessert bar. Of course, delicious over cream cheese.


The Parmesan Gypsy
This has been our signature house vinaigrette for years in our catering business. At first, we were pouring it into mayonnaise jars for insistent customers, now we bottle it nearly round the clock! Over the years we have discovered its many other uses besides just an excellent salad dressing. Our marinated mushrooms soak in the flavors on stovetop and are the talk of the town. Marinate chicken, pork and beef in this overnight and never prepare meat another way again. Drizzle over a baked potato, hot pasta, dip in a piece of French bread or spread as a base on a pizza crust. The Parmesan Gypsy is a unique blend of oil, soy sauce, herbs and Parmesan’ll see why we call it a pantry essential.

Cherry "B" Gypsy
The “B” is for balsamic vinegar which we say makes a delicious zesty companion to the juice of cherries. Our second fine vinaigrette is a not-too-sweet combination of flavors perfect for a festive spinach salad, fresh fruit, or a drizzle over a favorite aged cheese. It is THE best for deglazing, sauce reductions, as a marinade. We're very proud!


Apricot Mustard
Our unique mustard is spicy-sweet. We combine hot dry mustard powder with apricots and brown sugar for a result that is excellent on roasted pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, roast beef, baked ham, etc. We make Apricot Mustard the base for a great mustard sauce for pork chops. For anyone who enjoys a good Dijon or spicy mustard, this will become a favorite!

Chipotle Lime Mustard
There comes a time when you just have to have mustard that’s “mean”. This combination of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, hot mustard, lime juice and brown sugar gives us sweet and earthy but is definitely down to business. A little goes a long way on a roast beef sandwich or your favorite grilled hamburger. Mixed with sour cream, onion and chicken stock, Chipotle Lime gives you a magnificently tasty velvet sauce for roasted chicken or vegetables. It is an excellent gift for a cook or any sandwich aficionado.

Tarragon Mustard
This is a pretty spread of whole mustard seed, tarragon and a Dijon-like attitude. It is rough in texture but smooth in taste. This mustard is a key ingredient to a wonderful sauce for salmon, lovely homemade vinaigrettes, even a dip for fresh veggies. It’s also great on a ham sandwich. Our Tarragon Mustard is a good cook’s must-have in the pantry.


Apple Basil
Our Apple Basil Jelly has the familiarity of a sweet apple jelly but with a crisp aftertaste of fresh garden-grown basil. These two flavors create wonderful possibilities for not only favorite breakfast breads but it is a must-have ingredient for glazes and marinades for chicken and pork. Some folks prefer it with lamb. It is a lovely clear golden jelly we stock ourselves for some of our most often-requested recipes.

Blackberry Sage
No seeds here which is only one of the reasons you should try this deep purple beauty. The herb component of this jelly complements the rich blackberry. We simmer the berries, strain away the seeds and let the hot juice stew with fresh sage leaves which are removed before jelly making. The result is a subtle note of sage with the excellent taste of blackberries. Slather it liberally on toast in the morning or give your peanut butter sandwich a new twist.

Cherry Rosemary
They say rosemary is the memory herb, so start remembering old phone numbers with this delicious deep red jelly. The rosemary is the first taste and is smoothly matched and leveled by the tart red cherry. We pour the hot cherry juice over fresh rosemary and let the two flavors fuse. You can’t pile enough of this on a hot, toasted English muffin! 


Pear Pecan Jam
One fall we had an over-abundance of fresh pears from not only our own trees, but also the especially prolific trees from one mother-in-law. After just so many loaves of pear breads, you start we threw in a handful of toasted pecans into a pot of simmering fresh pears and made a lovely golden jam. You can never go wrong with this at your breakfast table. Sweet chunks of pears and the “earthy-ness” of fresh toasted pecans will make it a household favorite or thoughtful gift (an excellent pear jam is hard to find!). We LOVE it over ice cream, pancakes and waffles!

Apple Butter
“Ya’ll got this ’bout right,” says one of our friends from Georgia, meaning we nailed this old-fashioned Southern recipe. This is a slow-baked (takes all day!), deeply flavored and thick apple butter that spreads like a dream and takes us back to happy days with Grandma. Stock up on this one as folks tend to eat it out of jar by heaping spoonfulls!

Cherry Butter
This is something we think is quite delightful. Like our Apple Butter, this is a slow-baked mixture, but with fresh cherries, cinnamon, cloves and the sweet aftertaste of almond. You can make a mean and much-talked-about turnover with this or just put it on the breakfast table and let everyone fend for themselves with toast and biscuits. 

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