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The Homesteader's Finest Jams, Jellies, Honey and Sauces

The Homesteader's Finest Jams, Jellies, Honey and Sauces


Things are always busy around our homestead. Tori is the culinary genius and Luke takes care of logistics while also serving on active duty in the Army. It’s nonstop activity with chickens, turkeys and goats, plus any new animals Tori might bring home, as well as children and dogs constantly running underfoot.

An appreciation for all things natural runs in the family. Tori’s nana was an avid gardener who cultivated several acres and canned the bounty from her garden. “What I would give for her recipes!” exclaims Tori.

But what Tori does have is her nana’s love of the homegrown and the handmade. “I became more aware of what I ate when I became pregnant with twins and was diagnosed diabetic,” says Tori. “I had to change the food I ate and served my family.”

“When I started canning, I asked why we needed the excessive amounts of sugar in the recipes,” explains Tori. “So I started experimenting in my kitchen—and on my family!”

Tori worked hard to eliminate unhealthy foods from her diet. “It worked! Four years later and I am totally able to monitor my condition through diet alone! My A1C has returned to normal levels and I no longer have any prescriptions.”

Tori removed all corn syrup from her family’s diet and you’ll never find any in The Homesteader’s Finest. “We just don’t need it,” she says.

Tori’s friends raved about her jams and sauces, and she started selling at local farmers’ markets. Her approach to food resonated with her customers as demand for her jams and sauces grew.

The mission of The Homesteader’s Finest is to always use the freshest ingredients—organic when possible—and promote a clean lifestyle.

But no matter how busy things get, it’s always about family first. “And when you buy our jams and sauces, you’re part of our family,” says Tori.

Every jar of The Homesteader’s Finest is made with farm-fresh ingredients–often local and often organic. We grow much of our produce ourselves, or partner with fellow farmers.

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